TWLOHA Founder Jamie Tworkowski On Addiction, Depression + Desire


After news of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death spread last weekend, a clip of the actor winning an Academy Award made its way around the Internet.

The actor, who accepted the award for his work in “Capote,” was one of five talented men up for the honor. After noticing that two of those five actors are no longer with us (Heath Ledger was nominated, too), TWLOHA founder Jamie Tworkowski felt compelled to write what has become the site’s most popular post to date.

In “Empty Seats at the Oscars,” Tworkowski writes that Seymour and Ledger, two men who died from drug overdoses, “represent millions less known, millions of stories cut short, families with so much forever missing.” Addiction, as Tworkowski explains, “is an awful beast to beat. It’s never easy and it’s never over and it will be a fight renewed each morning.” Thankfully, organizations like TWLOHA and Half Of Us can lead people to resources they can use to get the help they need.

It’s been a busy week for the TWLOHA founder. Tworkowski also gave a TEDxTalk in Malibu, where he asked his audience to consider asking better questions to strangers. Jason Russell, one of the founders of Invisible Children, inspired Tworkowski by asking people “What is your dream?” instead of the standard “What do you do?” Something to think about, right?

+ Watch Jamie Talk About “Depression + Desire”

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Get Help With Addiction

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