[VIDEO] The Wanted Help Dogs Find Good Homes: Which Breed Are They Most Like?

Photos: The Wanted's Tom, Max, Nathan, a labrapoodle, and Siva. (Getty Images)

The Wanted may not love Christina Aguilera — they recently called her “a total b*tch” — but there is one kind of b*tch they do love: Dogs! The popular British boy band recently sat down with us, and shared their favorite place to pick up b*tches: The Manchester & Cheshire Dogs’ Home. In the video below, Max tells us he’s raised thousands of pounds for the home, and, well, the rest I couldn’t quite understand through his thick accent, but it sounded a lot like, “Make out with me, Alexandra.” After the video, check out photos of the boys with the dogs they look like most — plus, details on how you can adopt them! (The dogs, not the dudes.)

+ WATCH: The Wanted love dogs.

Max, Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are known for their light eyes, gentle natures, and sexy accents…oops…I mean loud howling. Much like girls do when they see The Wanted.

Tom, the English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniels were originally bred to find and retrieve hunters’ game. Likewise, Tom has no trouble finding and retrieving women with his game! Sadly, this puppy has an owner.

Ready for some serious puppy dog eyes? Meet John, a 12-year-old mixed breed currently living at the Manchester Dog’s Home. John may be old, but his eyes scream, “puppy!” and, like Tom’s, have me ready to give up all of my treats! People often overlook older dogs in favor of younger ones, but as the oldest guy in The Wanted, I’m sure Tom would agree – grown men need love too!

Siva, Doberman Pinscher

The brown fur. The chiseled jaw-line. I think we’ve found a match! Dobermans are known as loyal companions and were once commonly used as police dogs. Arrest me, officer!

If you’re into Siva’s exotic look and looking to adopt a pet near Cheshire, meet Buster, a 4-year-old Border Collie who, much like Siva, is quite the lady killer.

Nathan, Norwich Terrier

Norwich Terriers are known for being intelligent and affectionate. They take well to training, but can be cheeky at times. Nathan’s eyes tell us the same things.

If you live near Cheshire and are a fan of Nathan’s grey eyes, meet Lexis, a beautiful grey dog in need of a loving home.

Jay, Goldendoodle

The hair. I had to.

Looking for a fluffy friend in Cheshire? Badger the Border Collie would love nothing more than a long walk, a warm bed, and a plate of chocolate-dipped strawber – OH! Sorry! We’re still talking about dogs here!

Apart from being dog lovers, the boys recently released a single, “Gold Forever,” for Comic Relief – an organization committed to ending world poverty one clown nose at a time. Watch The Wanted sing in clown noses (but somehow still look hot). Could they get any better?! If you’re looking to adopt a pup, but don’t live anywhere near the Manchester and Cheshire Dog’s Home, find an animal shelter near you using the action link below. Now, ladies! Please! Leave the drooling to the dogs!

Photos courtesy of Getty Images.

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