The Oscar Nominations Are In! What Your Best Picture Pick Says About You

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The 84th Academy Award nominations have been announced and, like always, the news came with some surprises. First of all, where’s Ryan Gosling? Even the Golden Globes saw his greatness in “The Ides of March.” Also, all awards season “Drive” had been shut out. Seriously?! It was sooo good. Sorry, tangent. I really like Ryan.

Among the Best Picture nominees, there were no big surprises. After all, many say the race is between “The Artist” and “The Descendants”–both of which made the cut. Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo” picked up the most nominations with 11, including Best Picture. “The Help” got the best response among movie-goers if you judge based on box office numbers, earning $169.6 million in ticket sales. “Moneyball” was a distant second with $75.5 million.

Big question is: which is your pick? We’ve gathered all nine nominees for ya below–and each one is (one way or another) connected to an organization or cause you would be down to support. See what your pick for Best Picture says about your philanthropic interests, and let us know in the comments who you think will win!

+ The Artist
If you liked “The Artist”, you’re totally down to support the arts. The quite artsy, black and white, silent film about a silent movie star threatened by the arrival of talking pictures has left even its audience speechless. It’s already racked up awards, including the Golden Globe for Best Picture in the Comedy/Musical category. Be sure to check out YoungArts, too. Maybe you’ll be the next artist getting rave reviews?

+ The Descendants
If you liked “The Descendants”, then you’ve got the same love as Golden Globe voters on this one. The film, in which George Clooney’s character tries to reconnect with his two daughters while they deal with their (philandering) mom’s tragic accident in Hawai’i, scored the Globes’ Best Picture-Drama prize. It’s like, the dad wants to show his daughters some love, and they all want to show the mom some love while recovering, but they come to find she’s been showing another man the love. Love can be a hot mess is louder. Visit Love is Louder for more.

+ Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
If you liked “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”, you probably went through one whole box of tissues. If not, you had to of used your sleeve instead of tissues (because you must have cried), saving you money, which you can in turn donate to the 9/11 Memorial Fund. The film stars Sandra Bullock, who plays the wife of Tom Hanks’ character, who lost his life in the World Trade Center while there for a meeting on September 11, who also had a strong bond with his son, who set out to find out why his dad left him a key before he could finally move on and continue his life with his widowed mother. (Deep breath). Yeah, it was that emotionally intense.

+ The Help
If you liked “The Help”, you’re in great company–Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. we’re surrrre would totally appreciate this movie. Emma Stone plays Skeeter, a young aspiring reporter from 1960s Mississippi who sends her community into a frenzy after publishing a book, The Help. Her work features black servants’ first-hand accounts of their experiences in prominent white families’ homes in her own community. Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer’s performances as two of the servants have earned them Oscar acting nods. Are civil liberties under attack in your community? Visit the ACLU for info on how you can take action.

+ Hugo
If you liked “Hugo”, you’re totally about empowering foster kids into other dimensions and stuff, amiright? Martin Scorsese’s 3D family flick takes place in the walls of a Paris train station in which Hugo, a 12-year old orphan, gets caught up trying to unlock a secret his dad left him that’ll lead him to a safe, and loving home. Find out how you can donate supplies to foster care organizations in your area at AdoptUSKids.

+ Midnight in Paris 
If you liked “Midnight in Paris” we’ve got a feeling that you’re probably down with books and literacy. In the Woody Allen-directed flick, Owen Wilson’s late-night wanders in Paris lead him back in time to the 1920s version of the city of light, where he has alternately heartbreaking and hilarious encounters with lit legends like Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Gertrude Stein. The PEN American Center protects writers’ free expression and promotes literature worldwide, a cause that we bet you could get behind.

+ Moneyball 
Along with Best Picture, “Moneyball” picked up acting nods for Brad Pitt (Best Actor) and Jonah Hill (Best Supporting Actor). In the movie, 2002 Oakland A’s manager Billy Beane attempts to turn his team around on a low budget (for a baseball team, anyway) with his assistant’s help. If you liked “Moneyball”, you–actually, we’re gonna make this about Jonah Hill. The dude is Oscar nominated, you guys! And since the movie wrapped, he’s lost a lot of weight. If you liked the film, you should be really happy for him. Get fitness tips (baseball, anyone?) and read more on why Jonah decided to make the change.

+ The Tree Of Life 
If you liked “The Tree Of Life”, it’s clear you’ve got an eye for beautiful cinematography and a flair for the avant garde. This artsy, out-of-the-box flick tells the story of a man reflecting on his childhood in the 50s and also contemplates the meaning of life. Not surprisingly, it is up for a Best Picture Oscar. Inspired to tackle your own artistic endeavor? Be your own artistic architect and create a Kickstarter project to make it happen!

+ War Horse 
Stephen Spielberg’s epic movie was indeed all about war and horses (among other things like friendship and sweeping vistas of the English countryside), and we imagine that if you liked War Horse, you’re a big fan of one or both. Set in the early 1900s, the film follows the title horse Joey and his owner/BFF Albert as they go through a lot both together and apart, from proving their worth to a greedy landlord to fighting for England in World War I. If you liked “War Horse”, you’re probs down to support veterans like Joey and Albert with the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, and help others have a similar bond with horses through the EQUUS Foundation.

Casey Acierno and Lauren Grillo contributed to this post.

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