14 British Moms We’re Celebrating This Week: Adele, Victoria Beckham + More


Call your mum and tell her you love her in a British accent, ‘cause it was British Mother’s Day! The UK celebrated the day on Sunday, so we’re honoring the women who brought us One Direction and The Wanted all week. Here’s to our fave Brit mums!

+ Adele


This was Adele’s first mother’s day, and she celebrated by buying a fake Oscar reading “Best Son” to keep on display with her real one. Adele and her boyfriend Simon Koneki have yet to release the name of their son, but here’s to hoping he’s not named after a fruit or a luxury car brand. Even though Apple Bentley the bloke who has yet to be named is livin’ in luxury, Adele cares about those who aren’t. She’s a huge supporter of drop4drop — a charity that brings clean drinking water to children around the world.

+ Kate Middleton


Mum-to-be Kate Middleton loved babies long before she grew pregnant with her own. She pledged her royal services to The Art Room — an organization that boosts kids’ self esteem through art therapy, and has paid many visits to children’s hospices with Prince William by her side.

+ Victoria Beckham


When former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham dresses up for a cause, she dresses her kids too! The “Posh” mother of four recently wore mommy and me pink ribbons in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Vicky doesn’t need a Mother’s Day gift, ‘cause she’s already got the best one of all: David Beckham.

+ Madonna


The Brits may have Queen Elizabeth, but we Americans have an even better queen: Madonna. Queen Madge is totally deserving of an honorary British passport for her time spent in London and adopted British accent. (Whatevs. She’s Madonna. She can do what she wants.) Madonna knows the importance of setting a good example for her kids. After Hurricane Sandy, she and her daughter Lourdes boxed provisions for people in need. Each box contained food, water, glitter hot pants, and a cone-shaped bra.

+ The 10 Ladies Who Birthed One Direction & The Wanted

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