It’s Better To Give Than Receive: 8 Celebs Who Dedicated Their B-Days To A Bigger Cause

Photos: (Getty)

Photos: (Getty)

By Melissa Unger

The old adage is it’s always better to give than to receive. With that being said, ‘Happy Birthday’ is taking on a whole new meaning. While most birthdays involve cake, friends and family and the almighty unwrapping of presents, some celebrants have decided to forgo the fanfare for something greater.

Some famous faces are giving up birthday presents and/or a celebration in order to help others. Celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kristen Bell have pledged their birthday gifts to charities. And others, like Katy Perry, have chosen to volunteer on their birthday.

Although these stars have chosen to forgo a traditional celebration, that doesn’t mean they are forgoing gifts entirely for their birthdays. When people were making donations on his behalf, Justin Bieber said, “best birthday present I could ever ask for.” Proving once again, it IS better to give than to receive. Check out more stars who have done similar things for their birthdays.

+ Britney Spears


Britney celebrated her 32nd birthday by asking her fans via twitter to support St Jude Children’s Hospital. She said, “I’m dedicating it [my birthday] to the kids of St. Jude. Help me out by not buying me a gift this year. Buy them a gift instead — the gift of another birthday.”

 + Justin Bieber


Last year Bieber raised $47,148 by requesting his birthday gifts go to Charity Water, which means that over 2,357 people will now have clean water. He said he loved it so much he wants to do it again.

 + Adam Lambert


For his 30th birthday, Adam, like Bieber, asked his fans to forgo giving him gifts and instead donate to Charity Water.

+ Katy Perry


Katy made so many teenage dreams come true for her 29th Birthday. The pop singer gave one winning high school a private concert for her birthday after they won a contest.

+ Kristen Bell


Kristen decide to give her birthday to Charity Water. She even traveled to Ethiopia to see exactly how the money would be used.

+ Liam Payne


Liam told his fans that he didn’t want gifts for his 20th birthday. He asked his fans to donate to Trekstock, a charity that helps young people dealing with cancer.

+ Paul Rudd


Paul asked his friends, family and fans to donate to the American Cancer Society for his birthday in 2011. The catch is that Paul asked people to donate their age in dollars, so if you’re 25 years old you would donate $25, etc.

 Ian Somerhalder


All Ian wanted for his 35th birthday was for his fans to donate $35 each to his foundation. The Ian Somerhalder Foundation was founded in 2010 following the BP oil spoil with a mission to educate young people about the environment.

take action



For your birthday, donate to St. Jude and help kids get more birthdays!

take action

Donate Your Bday

Donate Your Bday

Donate your birthday to Charity: Water and help bring clean water to people who need it!