Zooey Deschanel, Ian Somerhalder + More Stars Battle It Out For Their Charities

Photo: (Getty)

The holidays might be all about good cheer and the spirit of community, but some of your favorite celebs are about to do battle. Don’t worry tho, it’s all for a good cause — the Mozilla Firefox Challenge!

Hosted on popular fundraising site Crowdrise, the challenge runs from now until early January. The contest is simple: Mozilla will award $100,000 to the causes whose fundraisers raise the most money between now and January 10. The winning charity will receive the lion’s share of the prize money ($50,000).

Last year, Sophia Bush was crowned the winner, helping F Cancer raise more than $110,000.

This year, things are going to get even more interesting as Sophia takes on Pencils of Promise. She’ll be challenged by Jonah Hill (now supporting F Cancer), Olivia Wilde (for Artists for Peace and Justice), Seth Rogen (for his Kick Alzheimer’s in the Ass campaign), Zooey Deschanel (she’s all about the Innocent Project), Ian Somerhalder is supporting his namesake foundation  (Duh) and there are even more stars campaigning for causes. To see which causes and celebs are in the mix, visit the official contest page here.

Place your bets, guys. Will Jonah “F” Sophia in the race to raise $$$ to win the challenge? Will Olivia declare war in her quest on behalf of Artists for Peace and Justice? Will Seth Rogen actually kick some ass or will he fall short (and come in second) again?

Follow the action on Twitter with the hashtag #fxchallenge. While you’re at it, Tweet us and let us know who you think will be the new Mozilla Firefox champion.