Go On A Dream Date With Zac Efron! Plus, 4 Other Dream Dates We Want To Go On

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Ladies and gentlemen, your wildest dreams may just come true…your chance to go on a date with the one and only Zac Efron is thiiiis much closer to becoming reality!

Efron is auctioning off a once in a lifetime opportunity for a fan and three guests to visit the set of his new movie “Are We Officially Dating” where they will watch a scene being filmed, and then… *drum roll*… sit and have lunch with the hunk!

The new film, which is currently filming in New York, follows the life of three best friends who decided to all make a pact to not date. What happens next? Yep, they each begin to fall into relationships. The money raised from Zac’s auction will benefit The Actors Fund, an org that helps all professionals in performing arts and entertainment.

This auction got us thinking, what other hotties would we want to visit on set? I mean, if a dream lunch date with Zac is possible, anything is! Here are 4 other dream dates we’d love to bid on:

+ Channing Tatum

2012 was a massive year for Channing but we predict 2013 will be even bigger! For one, his wife is preggo (one can only fathom how cute that baby will be!!!) and second, he is filming a new movie right now called “Foxcatcher.” Channing plays the brother of famed Olympic wrestler, David Schultz, who was murdered by multimillionaire John du Pont. If Channing was gonna auction a lunch and set visit maybe it would benefit another Olympic hopeful, Maxim Bouchard — a Canadian diver who nearly couldn’t dive again because of an accident two years ago. Now he’s trying to raise funds to make it to Rio 2016!

+ Josh Hutcherson

Oh good ole’ Josh Hutcherson! Last year he captured America’s heart by playing Peeta in the highly successful film “The Hunger Games” and 2013 will be more of that! *crowd cheers* As a straight ally for the LGBT community, he would hands down support Straight But Not Narrow. Josh has supported SBNN a lot last year and even won an prestigious GLAAD award for his involvement with them in 2012! And how fun would it be to visit the set of “The Hunger Games”!? I would have to contain my inner nerd!

+ Skylar Astin

2012 was a year of many great comedies and one that will forever stand out will be “Pitch Perfect,” obvi. Agree? Rumors are flying that a sequel could be occurring so we will fuel the fire on that one and pray to the movie gods that this is true. The charity for this dream date’s auction would be all about the arts in school, benefitting our friends at VH1’s Save The Music program.

+ William Levy

Helllooooo Holaaaaa mister Levy! The Latino star is about to start filming an upcoming telenovela titled La Tempestad, which he will play Captain Fabre and we cannot wait! Captain, eh? He also currently filimg Tyler Perry’s “Single Moms Club.” I think both of these will be worth watching! If there was a dream date auction to meet him on set for lunch, (1) I may pass out and (2) we would foresee the charity of his choice would be the Hispanic Heritage Foundation.

Which dream date would you want to go on? Let us know in the comments!

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