Young Entrepreneurs, This Act Is For You

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President Obama may still be struggling to solve our country’s economic crisis, but the Young Entrepreneur Council and  Young Invincibles doesn’t plan on waiting. Their mission: If you can’t find a job, make one!

Back when Barack pitched his American Jobs Act, he stressed the value of small business owners, of entrepreneurs whose localized job creation works like vitamins for our sickly economy. The bill may have stopped short of passing, but a crew of smart Millennials on the YEC and YI teams combined forces and came up with a new proposal: the Young Entrepreneurship Act

Among the highlights, the YEA would see that the government provides better access to short-term small business loans and defers, reduces or forgives federal student loans for graduates who start their own businesses. The act will also support elementary and middle school curricula that lay the foundation for business-minded kids — who then go on to be business savvy young adults, who then go on to rule the world!

OK, maybe not rule. In fact, maybe not even strike it rich a la the Foursquare guys or the alice + olivia gal. It’s the American Dream of a new millennium, one that lets people hit the ground running without needing office space, large staff or huge overhead, and one that gives us options rather than concussions from banging our heads against the walls sending out resumes. Internet access and a good idea can go far these days.

YI is an org that’s super committed to expanding opportunities for young entrepreneurs, 18 to 34 years old. The YEC is made up of teens to early 30-somethings who are armed with resources and strategies to help budding businesspeople see their dreams through. (The founder, Scott Gerber, wrote a book called “Never Get a ‘Real’ Job.” ‘Nuff said.) Is their model for everyone? No. Is it invaluable for those with entrepreneurship tendencies? You bet.

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Sign the YEA Petition

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