It’s Their First Time! 10 Young Celebs Who Can Finally Vote for President

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Dakota Fanning has been waiting for this special moment. Mac Miller is finally making his move. Selena Gomez is so gonna do it. Josh Hutcherson will most def get down. What are some of Young Hollywood’s finest up to in 2012? They’re all swiping their V-cards! Oh, and we mean voter cards, btdubs. We’ve got a list of all the rising stars who will be busting out their ballots for the first-time ever in this year’s Presidential election!

All of these freshman Poliwooders were under 18 for Barack Obama and John McCain’s Oval Office showdown in 2008, so this is their year to officially flex that national electoral muscle. So meet our fave hot, famous and legal celebs!

+ Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber’s her actual boyfriend — but who will be her Presidential BFF? It’s gotta be the candidate working hardest to protect children since Selena’s currently serving as a UNICEF Ambassador.

+ Miley Cyrus

Hannah Montana is all grows up! She’s not only engaged to Gale/Liam Hemsworth, now she gets to pick out a Presidential candidate, too. Speaking of marriage, she gave equality the finger this year, so it’ll prob be a big part of her ballot choices this November.

+ Demi Lovato

The strong-willed “Skyscraper” singer elevated emotional health awareness by bravely and publicly battling depression, addiction and eating disorder. Now she can rep a White House candidate that she thinks has the best healthcare plan for Americans struggling with those same issues.

+ Dakota Fanning

Just because she was crowned Homecoming Queen doesn’t mean she’s not down with democracy. She’ll be schooling lil sis Elle Fanning on the wonders of civic action after she takes the political plunge this Fall.

+ Jennifer Lawrence

This Girl on Fire plays a reluctant revolutionary who takes aim at President Snow, the nasty dictator of a post-apocalyptic America. Will Jennifer’s time as freedom fighter Katniss Everdeen influence her real-life vote?! It’s already got her hunting down hunger in the real world.

+ Josh Hutcherson

Hunky Hutch is the youngest recipient ever of the GLAAD Vanguard Award for his work with anti-bullying org Straight But Not Narrow — so now that The Boy With The Bread has become The Man With The Ballot, he’ll def use his vote for #TeamEquality.

+ Taylor Lautner

His “Twilight” love triangle dramz is almost over, so now Taylor can focus on his role as a political animal instead of a supernatural one. Will he stand by the pack and vote for a Prez who’s gonna help protect wolves? Or just support the guy that promises a law banning shirts?

+ Nick Jonas

The youngest Jonas Brother has already announced a bid for the 2040 Presidency, so it’s a good thing he can finally vote for one this year. What will be his hot button issues? Funding to fight diseases like diabetes and AIDS.

+ Tyler the Creator

Political correct? F*** that! But he’s def passionate about his views, especially if you’re counting how many times he uses the f-word to express them. (We did.) If dude wants a bright future instead of just an odd one, he betta mutha effin’ vote this November!

+ Mac Miller

The Macadelic rapper wants a Prez who’s down to legalize a certain controversial plant — which means he might wanna go rogue from our tradish 2-party system and check out the Libertarians. Don’t let your vote go up in smoke, Mac!

You have the power to decide the outcome of the 2012 Election. Register to vote with our super easy registration tool. So, no excuses. vote like a champ.

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