True Life: You Can Actually Give Back By Taking A Selfie On Instagram!

Photo: (VH1)

Photo: (VH1)

It seems like everybody is rolling their eyes at the selfie lately, but what if your selfie could save the world? Thanks to VH1 and the new #UnselfishSelfie Project, you can help the Do Something Awards finalists raise money to save the world, and all you have to do is snap a pic.

In order to take part in the project, upload an image to Instagram that shows you doing a good deed or positive act and tag it #UnselfishSelfie. For every image uploaded, Viacommunity is donating $1, up to $25,000, to the Do Something Awards finalists. If you’re looking for a way to show the world that even the smallest acts can make a difference, this is it!

Still blanking on the perfect selfie to snap? VH1 has some amazing ideas. Why not buy a stranger a cronut? You could babysit for a friend who hasn’t seen a movie since 2011! Give your best (non-creepy, please) smile to a stranger! The possibilities are endless; just make sure you’re making the world a better place while snapping your selfie.

After you take your selfie, make sure you tune in to the Do Something Awards on VH1 on July 31. The awards show will air LIVE at 8/7c, and you’ll catch your favorite celebs celebrating the amazing work of the Do Something Awards finalists.

So next time someone tells you that you’re showing off by taking a selfie, just flip your hair and say, “You know it!” Tell them how they can get involved in the #UnselfishSelfie Project and watch as you blow their minds. Check out the action widgets below for more ways to get involved in the project and the awards show.