The World’s Most Powerful Celebrities & How They Impact The World

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Ka-ching! Forbes The World’s Most Powerful Celebrities list has come out, and sitting in the top five positions are Jennifer Lopez, Oprah Winfrey, Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Lady Gaga. To decide on the list, Forbes not only looks at the dollar signs, but also at how influential these stars are. These five are definitely making big money AND have big hearts. Check out a little about how these celebs give back to the causes that matter to them!

+ Jennifer Lopez

J. Lo brought in $52 million this past year. When it comes to a celebrity Renaissance woman, Jenny from the Block is your girl. Singer, actress, “American Idol” judge, dancer, designer — all these things are in her resume. Just as she’s done a number of different things in her career, she’s done a number of different things to give back. Jennifer got with her sis Lynda Lopez to create The Maribel Foundation, which aims to give women and children healthier lives. She also teamed up with Amnesty International in response to a number of women murdered in Mexico and Guatemala, wanting to put an end to the violence and bring the killers to justice.

+ Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey actually made more than J. Lo by bringing in $165 million. That might sound like a lot (because, well, it is) but it actually dropped from $290 million the year before. Like Jennifer, Oprah is a celeb who’s worn many hats: talk show host, actress, and media proprietor. She launched the org, Oprah’s Angel Network in 1997, and it began by collecting spare change to help students receeive college scholarships. That spare changed turned into more than $3.5 million! From there Oprah went on to help Habitat for Humanity, build schools in more than 13 countries and more. Now that’s angelic!

+ Justin Bieber

The Biebz may only be 18, but his singing success (and the $55 million he raked in) has put him at number three in the list. He’s sold more than 12 million albums, reigns almost supreme on Twitter (only Lady Gaga is ahead of him) and has an astonishing 43 million Facebook fans. Biebz is a big supporter of his manager’s Scooter’s brother Adam (Phew did you get all that?) Pencils For Promise org, which builds schools in the developing world. JB also made more than one fan’s wish come true through the Make a Wish Foundation, spread the word about a cool Facebook game that helps people who are disadvantaged and made his birthday about getting people in need drinking water.

+ Rihanna

Our fave singer from Barbados came in at number four on the list with a yearly grand total of $53 million earned. In addition to her crooning abilities, she’s also made $$$ from her new perfume, Reb’l Fleur and in the advertisement world with Nivea and Vita Coco. She’s promoted peace through clothing, helped spread the word about stopping the evil reign of Joseph Kony and honored veterans on Veterans Day.

+ Lady Gaga

Rounding off our list at number five is the Mother Monster herself, Lady Gaga. Queen of Twitterland, avant-garde fashion designer and epic singer, it’s no surprise she made the list. Gaga brought in $52 million and was actually number one on the list last year, but Forbes said she dropped to five because of her lack of touring. Lady Gaga is big in the helping out department, especially when it comes to stopping bullying and increasing self-esteem. Of course there’s her Born This Way Foundation, but that’s only part of it. Lady Gaga also champions for safe sex, has talked to President Obama about stopping bullying  and spoke to help girls’ self-esteem. She may be called the Mother Monster, but she seems more like Mother Helper!

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