Make a Difference On World Water Day In One Minute Or Less

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Crazy fact: One out of every nine people in the world doesn’t have clean drinking water available to them. And each week 30,000 people die because their water isn’t safe.

That’s why World Water Day is so important. When we brush our teeth or hop in the shower, we don’t realize how good we have it! Got a minute? Take a look at four ways to make a diff and help people get clean water.

+ Get Takeout on Seamless

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Seamless and Grubhub have teamed up with charity: water for an awesome and easy way to make a diff. On March 22, everytime a person orders from Seamless, the company will donate $1 to charity: water. This will go on until the end of the day or until they raise $40,000. The money will go toward building clean water projects in Kenya. So no guilt for ordering Chinese takeout tonight!

+ Share a Photo Online 

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Matt Damon’s is asking you to give photos for a cause! When you “donate” photos (you can only do it once a day, but you can do it multiple days), Johnson & Johnson Services Inc. will give $1 to Everytime $25 is raised, clean water will be given to someone. This will go on until June 10, so get your selfie on today, tomorrow and next week (and the week after).

+ Share This Infographic

They say a picture tells a thousand words. Well, you won’t see faces here, but this gives an idea of how many children are affected by not getting safe water. Take a look and please share to help others understand the sitch:

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Long infographic but it makes a good point, right? For more ways to get involved today take action below!

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take action

Check out what is doing to make sure everyone has access to clean water and sanitation.

take action

charity: water

charity: water

If you can't donate, check out other ways you can help with charity: water!