5 Ways To Take Action On World Cancer Day

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Today is World Cancer Day, and the theme this year is breaking myths. Being diagnosed with the big C is always scary, but we can assure you that “Cancer is a death sentence” is one of the myths that needs to go away. Learn the facts about cancer and find out how you can get involved!

+ Dispelling Myths

World Cancer Day is concentrating on saying bye, bye, bye to four big cancer myths: (1) cancer is just a health issue, (2) cancer is a disease of the wealthy, elderly and developed countries, (3) cancer is a death sentence, and (4) cancer is my fate. Learn why these statements are inaccurate and what is true, and share the app on your FB!

+ Stand Up To Cancer

When you stand up to cancer, who are you honoring? Today, let the world know! Download SU2C’s placard, write the name of the person or people you’re standing for, and snap a pic. Your pic can be shared on SU2C’s FB wall or Tweeted to them so they can retweet. You’ll be joining Whitney Port, Mindy Kaling, and countless other people on who they’re standing up for!

+ Get Your Checkups

In order to protect yourself, it’s important to get regular checkups with doctors. Things like eating well, exercising and not smoking can really help with your health, but it’s still good to see your doc regularly so he or she can get a good look at how you’re doing. Remember, detecting cancer early can make a big diff.

+ Watch “Surviving Cancer with Diem Brown”

If you want to know more of what it’s like to live with cancer, or if you’ve had cancer or have it now and could use some moral support, check out the documentary above. Diem Brown is a part of the MTV’s “The Challenge” fam and she filmed this doc after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer for the second time.

+ Tweet #WorldCancerDay

Today’s official hashtag is #WorldCancerDay. You can use this hashtag to show who you stand for (see above!), spread a message of support, or encourage others to remember to see their doctors. It’d also be a perf time to tweet about the myths above so that people can learn the difference between fact and fiction when it comes to cancer.

take action

Cancer Myths

Cancer Myths

Learn about cancer myths and spread the word about them with this Facebook app!

take action

Who do you stand up for?

Who do you stand up for?

Download Stand Up To Cancer's placard, write the name of the person or people you’re standing for, and snap a pic.