Selfless Snaps: Wilmer Valderrama Says It’s Time to Talk Immigration Reform

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Sometimes people get so into discussing the politics of immigration that they forget immigration is about people. Wilmer Valderrama, who lived part of his life in Venezuela, is in a new vid calling for immigration reform.

“It wasn’t until I came to the United States that I allowed myself to dream bigger,” Wilmer says in the vid, which was made for Barack Obama’s Organizing for Action campaign. “It wasn’t until I came to the United States where I allowed myself to think that I could be a part of something that changes the way I can view the world.”

Wilmer talks about how he was born in Florida and lived there until he was three. After that, he moved with his parents to Venezuela and lived there till he was a teen.

+ Watch Wilmer Valderrama on the importance of immigration reform

“For economical and political reasons and reasons that you can’t really control, our family at the time … we were struggling in Venezuela… My parents decided that it was time to sell everything we had and embark into the next chapter of our lives and we came to the United States.”

He was excited to see all the American flags, because before then he’d only seen them in movies.

“There are millions and millions and millions of families from around the world that are waiting to be able to have permission for greatness,” he continues. “I think it’s time that our Congress really truly makes this the priority that it deserves. The cost of inaction is going to be overwhelming.”

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