will.i.am Wants You To Have #GreatTimes Today

Photo: MTV Act’s Sian Pierre kicking it with will.i.am.

Election Day is today and will.i.am is making sure his voice is heard. At a recent party for his new eco-conscious style venture EKOCYCLE, the music mogul carved out some time to talk politics, and talked about his new song, “#GreatTimes.”

What you might not know about will.i.am is that the musician is one of the most politically passionate and progressive artists in the game. He campaigned heavily for President Obama in 2008 and this election year, he’s been very vocal about issues as varied as education and sustainability. During our conversation, he didn’t hide his political allegiances (he’s #TeamObama) but he wanted to be clear that whichever candidate his fans do decide upon next Tuesday, they are educated about their vote. He also dropped some news on his latest song which is called “Great Times.”

+ Watch will.i.am gets ready to vote.

Want to hear his new jam? Listen below!

+ Watch “#GreatTimes” by will.i.am.

Inspiring song, right? Make me want to get up in the morn and run a few miles or something. will.i.am told CNN’s Soledad O’Brien that he was inspired to make the song after working with kids in the community center he’s building in Boyle Heights, a neighborhood in Los Angeles. And what’s the  message of the song? “Whether you’re voting for Romney, or you’re on the fence, or you’re voting for Obama and you haven’t voted yet, you need to make your voice heard,” he explained. So what are you guys gonna do today? Hopefully, rock an “I Voted” sticker with pride!