Why ‘Faking It’ Needs to Be in Your Pride Month Plans

"FAKING IT" - starring Rita Volk, Katie Stevens, Gregg Sulkin, B

It’s finally Pride Month! If you’re looking to support the LGBTQ community but aren’t sure how we have an easy solution to your dilemma: watch and support “Faking It.”

Sure, we’re biased because we think the show is one of the greatest things on television right now, but hear us out!

Here’s why “Faking It” is the perfect way to kick off your Pride Month plans:

+ Female Empowerment + LGBTQ Issues

The two protagonists are female characters who are struggling with sex and sexuality. Not only is it amazing that two young girls are the leads of the show, but the discussion of issues surrounding the LGBTQ community is rarely seen on a show marketed to the Millennial crowd.

+ Allies Abound!

It’s not easy coming out, even in 2014, which is why we love seeing a show that shows vocal, supportive allies. Liam might be trying to woo Karma, but he respects her relationship with Amy enough that he won’t do anything to mess it up! It’s refreshing to see a show portray a best-case-scenario situation for when two girls are outed as lesbians; they’re not shunned – they’re Homecoming Queens!

+ Stereotypes are SO 2013

Hester High is really where stereotypes come to die. We’d love to go to this fictional, Austin-based school; after all, the most popular kid in the school is gay, and the school created a Homecoming Out dance in support of Karma and Amy! It might not be possible to go there now, but we hope that the students watching will take matters into their own hands to make their schools more like Karma and Amy’s.

After you catch up on “Faking It,” you can turn your attention to other LGTBQ-supporting shows like “Orange is the New Black.” Invite your friends and family to watch, start honest conversations about the subject matter, and support the people in your life no matter their sexuality.

“Faking It” might be just a TV show, but sharing and supporting it is a small way to show your pride.

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