Who Should Miley Cyrus Date Next?


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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are officially over, reps for both celebs confirmed early this week. But fear not, Miley, ’cause there are plenty of young men in Hollywood who wouldn’t take a “Wrecking Ball” to your heart.

+ Nick Jonas


If at first you don’t succeed, try Nick Jonas … again. Miley, I know you and Nick broke things off years ago, but have you seen him lately? Abs of steel AND a heart of gold. Nick and his brothers launched the Change for the Children foundation around the same time Nick and Miley were still dating. The org is all about helping young people, specifically those with diabetes and special needs.

+ Kendrick Lamar


It makes total sense that the Hottest MC in the Game would get with the hottest pop star in the game. (Feel free to debate this in the comments section below. Wink-wink.) If Miley and Kendrick ever have kids, you bet yo’ a** they’ll be students before they become superstars. Kendrick was a straight-A student and the first in his fam to graduate from high school. Now, he’s a spokesperson for Get Schooled, an org that encourages young people to finish high school and gives them the tools and resources to make higher education a possibility.

+ Harry Styles


If it’s a man with an accent she desires, Harry Styles is it! While Miley is all about foam fingers, Harry is more into Red Noses. Last year, he and One Direction recorded a cover of Blondie’s “One Way Or Another” to raise funds for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Campaign. Comic Relief encourages young people to help other young people around the world, in the most entertaining ways possible.

+ Miles Teller


Some say Miles Teller’s new film “Divergent” looks a whole lot like “The Hunger Games.” But Miles Teller looks nothing like Liam Hemsworth, and we’re so diggin’ him right now. Speaking of right now, his movie “The Spectacular Now” is all about a young man coping with a father who is an addict. We totes fell in love with Miles during the film; no doubt Miley would, too.

+ Herself


Who needs a boyfriend when you’ve got a foam hand? Juuuust kidding. But for reals, maybe it’s time for Miley to focus on her own life and career. Ladies — you don’t NEED a man to be happy. Check out MTV’s Half Of Us if you or a friend is having trouble getting over a breakup. ‘Cause you’re still a whole person, even without your “other half”!

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Get Schooled

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