Who Can Newly Single ‘Glee’ Star Jane Lynch Date Next?


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Jane Lynch, who most of us know as Sue Sylvester on “Glee,” is now officially divorced from ex-wife Lara Embry. Jane and Lara were married in 2010, but Jane filed for divorce last July citing “irreconcilable differences.”

Jane may need some time to heal, but when she’s ready, there are many ladies in Hollywood who’d be lucky to call her “baby.” Or are there?

+ Michelle Rodriguez


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Michelle Rodriguez — aka the badass woman with a gun in every other action movie — addressed lesbian rumors in Entertainment Weekly last year, saying she goes for both men and women. But the question remains: Why did the media make it their job to speculate about her sexuality in the first place?

According to the Human Right’s Campaign, people should “always be in the driver’s seat about how, where, when and with whom” they choose to be open. That means it’s not the press’ right, not your right or my right, to come out for somebody else. If you have a feeling a friend or classmate is questioning his or her sexuality, don’t start rumors about it, but do offer a non-judgmental ear if and when they do come out.

+ Jamie Babbit


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Jamie Babbit is a television and film director who is best known for directing episodes of “The L Word,” “Gilmore Girls,” and “Ugly Betty.” Jamie is also on the board of POWER UP, a film production company whose aim is to promote the LGBTQ community in Hollywood. “POWER UP has been challenging perception through film,” reads the company’s description. “This is one of our greatest accomplishments and gifts.

+ Lady Gaga


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Mother Monster opened up about her bisexuality in an interview with Rolling Stone, but it wasn’t all happy go lucky. Apparently, men are intimidated by Gaga’s switch-hitter status. “The fact that I’m into women, they’re all intimidated by it,” she told the magazine. “It makes them uncomfortable. They’re like, ‘I don’t need to have a threesome, I’m happy with just you.'”

+ Aubrey O’Day


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If what Jane is lookin’ for is a little bit of fun, Danity Kane’s Aubrey O’Day is her woman! “I think it’s funny that so many people care. I mean, half the time, I don’t even know who I’m gonna love or what I’m gonna feel comfortable exposing myself to,” O’Day told MTV News in 2009.

Notice something similar about the above women? Most of them are bi. While writing this story, I found myself asking: Where are all of the single lesbian women in Hollywood?! Heck, where are all of the lesbian women, single or taken?!

Many stars — Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox and “True Blood” star Anna Paquin, to name a few — have come out as bisexual, but it’s still uncommon for famous women to come out as only loving other women. That’s why it’s such a big deal when they do.

Is there a lack of lesbians in the entertainment industry, or has the industry created a climate in which lesbians feel like they can’t come out as anything other than bisexual if they wanna play straight women in movies or keep conservative fans?

While we’ve taken big strides toward equality in recent years, we’ve still got a long way to go — in and outside of Hollywood — before the LGBTQ community has all of the rights and respect it deserves. And once it does, coming out will be no biggie!

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Trevor's Tips On Coming Out

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