Which BFF Should Taylor Swift Bring to the VMAs?

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By H. Alan Scott

Everyone needs a buddy at a party, even Taylor Swift. Especially when that party is the MTV Video Music Awards.

Which one of her BFF’s is best to calm her down, keep her grounded, and also make her performance stellar on Sunday, August 24th?

+ Lena Dunham

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage
Nobody knows unabashed feminist sister power like Lena Dunham. Imagine if Dunham had been there when Kanye stole Swift’s special moment? She’d rush the stage and rip off her clothes, revealing “Free Taylor” written on her stomach.

+ Emma Stone

Similar to Dunham, Stone would keep Swift grounded in feminist realness. Like Dunham, Stone would keep it classy, and funny.

+ Lorde

Want deep? Lorde knows deep. She’d keep Swift in check with her emotions. Maybe they could even do a duet?!

+ Jennifer Lawrence

Admit it, everyone likes to poke fun at others every once in a while. Lawrence will bring the comedy smack talk, and make the VMA’s a night to remember (especially when she “accidentally” trips).

+ Ed Sheeran

Another friend of Taylor’s who might be at the show anyway. But either way, gosh, he probably makes a great (platonic?) date!

+ Selena Gomez

“Bieber who?” is all Gomez and Swift would say throughout the night.

+ Katy Perry

Just to really show John Mayer they’ve moved on.

+ Kristen Stewart

Stewart could help Swift learn the “I’m angry at some unknown thing” resting face.

+ Gwenyth Paltrow

She could subtly call Paltrow her “mother figure” throughout the evening… though Gwen would probably not like that very much.

+ Kellie Pickler

We love Kellie Pickler, and we think the VMAs need more country music, so…

+ Meredith “The Cat” Swift


Picture it, Swift walking the red carpet, kitty in arm, no explanation. She could pretend she’s Dr. Evil from Austin Powers!

Clearly the obvious winner for who should be Taylor Swifts date to the VMAs is…… MEREDITH THE CAT!


The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards are a wrap! Stick with us for the most talked-about moments, red carpet photos, the VMA winners list and more.

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