[WATCH] Swizz Beatz, Perez Hilton Give Advice To Class Of 2011

Photo: Music producer Swizz Beatz, celeb blogger Perez Hilton, and President Barack Obama. (Getty Images)

School’s out for the summer! Woot! But before you pack up for college, werk those tans, or prepare for the epic Britney/Nicki Minaj tour, there are just a few more things you need to know. Check out the advice Swizz Beatz, Perez Hilton and more had for this year’s grads.

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Swizz Beatz“The sky is not the limit, it’s just the view….Go past boundaries, even things you think are boundaries. There are things higher than you’d ever expect.”

Whether you’re heading on to college, the “real world,” or just a summer job, Swizz Beatz’ message couldn’t ring more true. Take this time off to think about how talented you are, where your true passions lie and how you can transform your skills into a career or life path that’s fulfilling.

At just 25, Kate Clopeck overcame language barriers and cultural differences to create a booming water solutions business in multiple villages across Ghana. Did she expect to change lives? Yes. Did she expect to change 11,000 lives in two years? Absolutely not. Think about what you love, then reach higher than you think possible.

Perez Hilton“Work harder than everyone else!”

This blogger didn’t get to where he is now (read: Celebrity), by sitting back and expecting success to fall into his lap. He blogged up to ten times a day, pushing himself to stay one step ahead of the rest. Whether you’re in College 101, History AP, or taking an art class, strive to produce the best work possible. What you create is an extension of you, make it good.

Even President Obama shared words with this year’s graduating class – “It’s not where you are or what you are. It’s WHO you are.”

Obama recently stopped by Booker T Washington high-school, where none of the students came from privilege, and congratulated all graduates on stepping up their game, pushing through their setbacks and working their tails off — 70 percent of them plan to continue their education at colleges across the nation this fall.

One of our Twitter followers, @beccainspired echoed Swizz Beatz’ wise words tweeting:

No matter whether your classmate snagged a cooler internship, your friend went to a more prestigious university or you’ve got a gig sweeping the local coffee shop this summer, make sure to always do you. Because life is never worth comparing yourself to someone else…it’s YOUR life, after all.

Check out more tweet advice from @MTVact‘s followers:

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