Rihanna’s ‘Stay’ + Other Emotional Bath Scenes in Music Videos

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Music videos usually do one of two things with bath time: they either make it look super sexy or super depressing. Rihanna’s brand new “Stay” video does exactly the latter.

It features a naked RiRi (ain’t nobody complainin’ ‘bout that!) singing a somber tune to a far-off lover. That lover is Mikki Ekko, who is just as sad — but probably because he didn’t get to shoot the tub scene with Rihanna. Although this stripped-down video format is a first for Rihanna, who usually favors tight pants, bright lights and sexy choreography, dramatic tub scenes have been a music video fave for years. Peep Rihanna’s “Stay,” then check out a few other tub scenes from the past.

+ Watch Rihanna take a dramatic bath in “Stay”

It’s not the first time Rih makes her way into a bathtub as a result of a rocky relationship. If you or a friend look anything like Rihanna and Chris Brown some blonde dude did in her “We Found Love” video, it maaaay be time to sober up. (‘Cause let’s be real — sober people usually get undressed before they bathe.) Britney Spears, too, was on that bathtub ish in her video for “Everytime.” And let’s not forget Taylor Swift‘s sad bath in “Back To December,” where she sang about yet another heartache.

Breakups are rough — way rougher than they were back in 1822, when lads couldn’t Instagram photos of their new lasses to make their old lasses jealous. But the end of a relationship should never be reason enough to fully submerge oneself in tears, bath water, the past, the ex, etc, etc, etc.

Half Of Us suggests talking it out with a friend, getting outside of the house, seeking professional help if necessary, and avoiding any social media that may lead to a bathtub relapse. If that means not checking your Instagram until you know you can handle the filtered truth, so be it! The best way to avoid stress is to learn what sets you off, and how to calm yourself down. As tempting as it may be to relieve stress with a drink or a smoke, try to cheer yourself up with positive things like exercise, friend time, your favorite movie or T.V. show, or…you guessed it! A bath! (But please not a dramatic one.)

You’re broken up — not broken. To learn more, take action below or call 1-800-273-TALK for a free, confidential chat 24/7.

+ Watch Rihanna “We Found Love”

+ Watch Britney Spears “Everytime”

+ Watch Taylor Swift “Back To December”

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