‘Washington Heights’ Cast Shares Their Fave Jams

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MTV’s new series “Washington Heights” is all about twenty-somethings following their dreams and passions and the dramz that comes with it — from family struggles to dirty crushes. The best part of the show, besides the relatable cast is the fashion and music. Definitely the music.

The show’s main narrator JP is a rapper and he helped pick songs for the show. We figured since he and his friends have legit taste, they would share their favorite song that gets them going — whether they’re werkin it at the gym or writing a song at midnight.

+ Watch The ‘Washington Heights’ Cast Shares Their Favorite Songs.

From Kanye West to Metallica, the cast def has diverse taste, right? And to make your life easier, we created a video playlist of their fave songs.

+ JP’s Choice: Muse’s “Madness”

“I listen to Muse when I wanna get hype,” says the Height’s resident hip-hop artist JP.

+ Eliza’s Choice: Kanye West’s “Mercy”

Fashionista Eliza says that Kanye’s song “Mercy” motivates her most.

+ Reyna’s Choice: Kid Cudi’s “All Along”

Up-and-coming singer Reyna is a fan of a rap artist who also isn’t afraid to hold a note sans auto-tune: Kid Cudi.

+ Rico & Frankie Choose Jay-Z

Y’all know this list wouldn’t be complete without Hov on it! Frankie’s also a big Jay-Z fan, stating that Reasonable Doubt is her fave album.

+ Fred’s Choice: Chief Keef’s “3hunna”

WARNING: The following video contains explicit language and lots guys pretending to be gangsters.

Chief Keef’s “3hunna” really gets fashion man Fred goin’ every morning.

+ Ludwin’s Choice: Metallica

Ludwin is a huge Metallica fan who likes anything off their album Kill ‘Em All.

+ Taylor’s Choice: Cam’ron’s “Weekend Girl”

Taylor’s  jam is Cam’ron’s “Weekend Girl.” But is Taylor, with the cheerleader good looks, a weekend girl herself? Guess we’ll have to watch more “Washington Heights” to find out! Tune in every Wednesday at 10/9 c!

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