‘Washington Heights’ Cast Gives Solid Career Advice

Photo: (MTV)

The nine member cast of “Washington Heights” has a diverse range of career goals — from sports, to fashion, to music. We recently sat down with JP, Fred, Eliza, and Ludwin to chat about what they think it takes to become successful.

“I was doing all these things because my parents wanted me to,” says Fred. “I was pursing their dreams.” But when Fred found something of his own in fashion, he ran with it. Eliza reiterates, “If you know what you wanna do, then don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.” Ludwin knows that it’s not always smooth sailing. “It’s good to fail,” he says. “You have to fail to make progress.” Meanwhile, hip hop artist JP recognizes the importance of remembering your roots but not letting them hold you back. “I’m gonna take my neighborhood wherever I go, but I’m bigger than my neighborhood.”

Uh oh…I think I feel a J.Lo dance party comin’ on!

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