VMA Winner Mary Lambert Spreads Love, Brooklyn-Style [VIDEO]


Singer, songwriter, slam poet, pianist, activist, author — Mary Lambert is many things. And as of a couple days ago, she can add Video Music Award winner to that list.

When it comes to incredible life stories, Mary Lambert knows she has a special one. “We’re going to be here for a while!” she tells me, when I ask her to give me some background on her short (she’s only 24) but impressive (she won that VMA for her collaboration with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on “Same Love“) career.

MaryLambert-InsertPhoto: Caitlin Abber

Mary has been  playing piano and singing since she was 6 years old. She turned to music as a way to escape childhood experiences of sexual abuse. When Mary was 13, her mother came out as a lesbian, and their family was kicked out of their church. This began Mary’s journey of self discovery, and eventually she came out as a lesbian as well.

Mary notes that she owes a lot of her music and success to the LGBTQ and fat acceptance communities she was a part of in Seattle.

 + Watch our Interview with VMA winner Mary Lambert.

She met Ben Haggerty (aka Macklemore), through Seattle’s independent music scene. After hearing her sing, he asked her to collaborate on a song about marriage equality. That song would become “Same Love,” the hip hop/ballad hybrid sweeping the nation. The song gained so much notoriety, Mary performed it live at the 2013 Video Music Awards alongside Jennifer Hudson.

+ Watch Mary Lambert Perform “Same Love” with Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and Jennifer Hudson.

The video for Mary’s first solo single, “She Keeps Me Warm,” is a compelling look at an honest lesbian love story.

“There’s no hate crime, no women rolling around in lingerie. Just two people in love.” Mary also notes that it was important for her, as a plus size woman, to star in the video.

+ Watch Mary Lambert’s video for “She Keeps Me Warm.”

“Its hard for me to think of a really beautiful love scene with a big girl,” said Mary. “It’s frustrating, because if you don’t see yourself in the media, you feel like you don’t exist.”

After several viewings of the touching video for “She Keeps Me Warm,” we can honestly say that we cannot wait to hear and see more of the refreshingly authentic, multi-talented Mary.

Special thanks to Spina in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

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