Viral Video Stars Steal The Spotlight From VMA Best Video With A Message Nominees

Photo: Stand Up For Haiti, Proud To Be A Woman, Love Is Louder (Adobe Youth Voices/You Plus Dallas)

We’re loving your votes for the MTV’s Best Video With a Message VMA nominees so much that it seems a darn shame to limit accolades just to the top six. Sooooo, we started gathering your votes for our informal broad ballot and are now going a step further with an Best Viral Music Video With a Message round-up. Just made it up. We’re spontaneous like that.

Without further ado, here are four creative fans and action-takers giving Katy, Em and Gaga a run for their solid gold money. Let us know who we’re missing, and don’t forget to cast your VMA votes STAT–voting closes tomorrow (Aug. 16)!

Cameron Ernst: “Love Is Louder

This USC grad (go, Trojans!) was so moved by the Love Is Louder campaign that he wrote a song passionately reflecting the sentiment and hit the road touring to spread the message. His “Love Is Louder” video cuts right to the heart of our fight against bullying, with love being the weapon of choice.

Adobe Youth Voices Peapod Academy: “Stand Up For Haiti

You know we’re big fans of anyone who helps keep the spotlight on continued relief efforts long after a story stops making headlines. These kids sing their hearts out in the hopes of rallying support for aid to Haiti, a country still struggling to rebuild.

Adobe Youth Voices Peapod Academy: “Proud To Be a Woman

Who runs the world, Bey? Women. You’d better believe it.

Long Branch Middle School: “Bullying We’ll Stop It

From YouTube to the White House, these kids prove that a creative idea can translate into a major impact with the powers that be. Plus, with Enrique Iglasias’ infectious hook in its melody, they know how to keep their message playing in our heads. Over and over. And over. Bravo.

Who did we miss? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Support Love Is Louder

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