[Video] High School Students Rally Young Eligible Voters: ‘Yo, Vote!’

Photo: (YouTube/YouthVote2012)

Can you believe it!? Only — just only — 7 days until the highly anticipated presidential election. If you need an extra bit of umph to get you through the week and to the polls, you gotta check out this video!

With 46 million young eligible voters, the power to make a difference lies within each one of us. Our generation matters and these high schoolers highlight exactly that in this new “Youth Vote 2012 – YOVO Campaign” they created. From school loans, healthcare, to global warming these are all issues that matter and that these students highlight as reasons why one should get involved.

The video was produced by the Youth Cabinet of America, which is a group led by high school students ready to spark activism in the political process. Their motto reads: “The youth are not just the future. We are the here and now, and with 45 million eligible voters we will not sit on the sidelines.” Through various projects like youth led videos to registration drives, this bright young group are making quite the difference! Check out their video below.


You have the power to decide the outcome of the 2012 Election. Register to vote with our super easy registration tool. So, no excuses. vote like a champ.