[VIDEO] What If ‘Savage U’ Sexpert Dan Savage Were President for a Day?

Photo: (MTV/Getty Images)

If you could sit in that big ol’ White House chair for a day, what would you do first (beside go bowling downstairs)? If Dan Savage was president for a day, he would socialize medicine faster than you could say “wear an effin condom!”

We’ve been chatting with celebs who have been bringing some interesting ideas to the table  for their hypothetical presidencies. Lady Gaga would tackle gay marriage, fun. would create art and jam (?), and Mac Miller would make smokin’ dope okay in the USA.

In the video below, Dan takes off his sex hat and puts on his healthcare shoes, declaring that it’s time for a serious healthcare reform. Challenging those who say there’s been a “government takeover” of health care, our fave sexpert says it just ain’t so and a-la-contraire; healthcare is still completely private in America. He vouches for a “single-payer” system, where the government raises revenue via taxes and pays the doctors, hospitals and scary lab bills, with the benefit that patient care is based on need, not on ability to pay.

+ WATCH: If Dan Savage Were President For A Day.

What are your thoughts on socialized medicine? Check out Powerof12.org to learn more about the issues and register to vote to have your voice heard in the 2012 election! And let us know in the comments below.

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