[Video] Trey Songz, Miguel + Elle Varner Prove To Be Very Giving On Chapter V Tour

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When we took our seats in NYC’s Madison Square Garden Theatre for Trey Songz‘s Chapter V Tour, which also featured Miguel and Elle Varner, we knew two things: Trey Songz likes to take his shirt off; and, Miguel likes to take his shirt off. Lucky for us, both dudes happened to be in a giving mood that night. (I guess we made this year’s nice list!)

The show was incredible, full of energy and strong vocals all around. With Trey, Miguel and Elle on the bill, it was esentially a showcase featuring some of R&B’s most talented artists. And the Grammys agreed! Halfway into Trey’s set, it had been announced that all three were up for Best R&B Song: Elle Varner for “Refill,” Miguel for “Adorn,” and Trey Songz for “Heart Attack”. (Miguel earned 5 total nods, including Song of the Year.)

Elle Varner took the stage first and straight up wowed before handing the mic over to the dudes. Miguel and Trey both did their thang — each worked through their catalog, melting everyone and everything in attendance while doing so, before ending their sets something reminiscent of a Chip & Dale show. Sorta.

You’re welcome.

But it was in between tour stops where Trey & Co. made an effort to give back in ways that were more so heart-warming than panty-dropping. During a Vegas stop, Elle Varner and Trey stopped by a food bank to assemble care packages for seniors in need. All of November, Trey celebrated Angels With A Heart Month through his Angels With A Heart Foundation, ending the month with an online benefit show from Los Angeles. But the giving didn’t end that month. Well into December, Trey “The Gift That Keeps On Giving” Songz held a toy drive during a stop in Virginia. After all, ’tis the season!

During another tour stop, Trey stopped by the MTV building — obvi we had to ask him all about his dedication to giving back and the impact it’s had on his fans, Trey’s Angels. “One thing about my Angels, although we do have Angels With Heart Month, is that they do give back all year round,” he told us in the exclusive clip below. “Whether they go to a shelter in their community, whether they give back by going to be a big brother or big sister, or volunteering at Boys and Girls Clubs, the YMCA, or wherever they may do their service to show love and give you their time, it’s amazing.”

Now get this, ladies. Not an Angel With A Heart? Welp, don’t get all hung up on one day dating the “pantydroppa” himself. See what he says are his dating deal-breakers, and more on how to get involved in his foundation:

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+ Watch What Are Trey Songz’s Dating Deal-Breakers?!

Take a holiday shopping “tour stop” and swing by a soup kitchen, animal shelter, or anything in between. If you happen to be joining Trey, Miguel and Elle on one of their remaining dates (which we highlyyyy recommend), there’s no pre-concert party they would endorse more than a stop to give back. To give back this holiday season — and year round — with Trey’s Angels, take action below!

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Take Action with Trey Songz

Take Action with Trey Songz

Learn more about Angels With A Heart Foundation and give back with Trey Songz.

take action

Be The Change

Be The Change

Trailblaze and start your own community service organization with Ashoka's Youth Venture.