[VIDEO] Talib Kweli Gives Real Talk On 2012 Election

Photo: (MTV)

Talib Kweli — one-half of the hella intelligent rap duo Black Star with Mos Def — is all about making educated tracks that drop knowledge AND beats. Dude’s never shied away from mixin’ up the political and lyrical. Which is why we just had to get some QT with the free speakin’ MC (and why Talib had to weigh in on Nicki Minaj’s recent Mitt bomb).

Knowing that Talib is always down for some #realtalk (Exhibit A: his Twitter feed), I was stoked to grab him for an exclusive MTV Power of 12 and Rock the Vote interview. The legendary rapper takes on a little word play action, reveals which delicious chicken sandwich he’s cutting from his diet and explains why we all need to step up your political game during this important election year:

You heard the man. Time to get educated and spit some election wisdom this November!

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