[Video] How Lil Wayne, Trey Songz + 50 Cent Stayed Off The Naughty List

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Grab some leftover holiday cookies, pour yourself some egg nog or cider, and relax in the new pajamas your grandma got you! We’ve gathered our most favoritest videos of Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, and 50 Cent giving back over the past month. Enjoy them on the new iPad that Santa brought you! Say what? Oh, he didn’t? Unlike yourself apparently, here’s how Weezy, Trey, and Fiddy stayed off the naughty list.

+ 50 Cent feeds the hungry on Thanksgiving

More on 50 Cent and his feud with hunger.

+ Trey Songz inspires his Angels With A Heart

More on Trey Song’z Angels With A Heart month.

+ Lil Wayne empowers youth through DEWeezy Project

More on Lil Wayne and his collaborating with Stoked Mentoring.

Stay off the naughty list next year and search for some volunteering opportunities in your community by taking action below.

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