[VIDEO] In Honor Of Valentine’s Day, Nikki & Sara Get Real On Dating Deal-Breakers

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MTV’s new late night queens Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer are all about female empowerment. We recently sat down with the hilarious duo to chat about dating deal-breakers, how they think women should be treated in relationships, and why they have beef with Mila Kunis.

+ Watch Nikki & Sara’s Dating Deal-Breakers

+ Don’t Talk About Mila Kunis

“We would watch TV together, and he couldn’t shut up about how hot Mila Kunis was,” said Nikki of a past dating experience. To be fair, any man who watched “Magic Mike” with his woman probably shares Nikki’s sentiment. Just try to throw us a bone every once in a while if you wanna, well, get a bone. Something like, “Mila Kunis is sexy…but so are you!”

+ Don’t Talk About Yourself

We wanna get to know you, but most of us have absolutely no interest in your car, your ex, or how much weight you can lift at the gym. (Although we’d love to make out in your car, we’ve probably already stalked your ex on Twitter, and you can show us those hard-earned abs any time, baby!)

+ Don’t Put Your Lady Down

“Just tell girls they look pretty. That’s all we wanna hear,” says Nikki. “It’s so simple,” adds Sara. ‘Kay, so maybe we don’t require compliments all of the time (95% of the time will do), but Sara notes that you should never date someone who says “anything that makes you feel bad about yourself…or anything [negative] about your body.” That sorta verbal abuse — especially if it happens all the time — is actually a form of dating violence that no woman (or man, ‘cause we ladies also have a way with words!) should put up with.

+ Don’t Protest Sans Shower

“I don’t want a boyfriend who is, like, camping out on Wall Street,” says Nikki. If you’re all about reppin’ the 99%, be our guest. Just please — ya know — shower occasionally.

Catch Nikki and Sara chatting with “Pretty Little Liars” Shay Mitchell — and perhaps asking ’bout her dating deal-breakers — tonight on “Nikki and Sara LIVE,” at 11pm/10c.

Video edited by Samantha Kielmanowicz

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