[VIDEO] Flo Rida Shares Plans To Rally Youth Vote, Fantasizes About Becoming President

Photo: (ArjanWrites.com)

We know quite well how Florida can make or break candidates’ run for the presidency (see: Gore-Bush). For the 2012 election, Florida’s own Flo Rida wants to make sure young Americans — particularly those from his Miami neighborhood — show up to flex their power in the Sunshine State.

ArjanWrites.com, HP and Microsoft hosted an ARTIST #TALK listening party for Flo’s Wild Ones album last month. Besides leaving with our soundtrack for summer in hand, we were pleased to find he was prepping plans to get out the vote this fall! Flo Rida, whose chart-topping club bangers “Good Feeling,” “Wild Ones,” and “Whistle” have all challenged Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” for 2012’s summer anthem crown, gave us a little insight as to how he plans to equally pump up fans this fall — but at the polls, not just the dance floor.

“I vote myself,” he told the room of music bloggers, “Now I’m just taking initiative to use my music [to rally young Americans to vote]. Being inspired by what Diddy and Jay-Z did, I want to start that down in Miami and get things going because it’s definitely important.” He also shared deets on becoming President one day — as he raps about in “Good Feeling” — and gives props to everyone who’s ever taken on the big role. Watch his full answers below!

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