[Video] Destiny’s Child Michelle Williams, Hayley Reinhart + More Take Our Democrat or Diva Quiz!

Photo: (MTV)

Are you ready for our All-Star edition of our awesome quiz series, Who Said It: Democrat or Diva?!

This time you’ll be taking our cray quote quiz along with former Destiny’s Child Michelle Williams, Gossip Girl’s Kaylee Defer, American Idol’s Hayley Reinhart, Guy Code’s April Rose and up-and-coming jam band Rosco Bandana!

Obvi, the presidential race between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney is the most important political decision in your world right now — YOU BETTA VOTE TOMORROW. But that doesn’t mean ya can’t LOL during these last hours of the election by watching celebs get schooled on legendary dems and of course, divas.

Can you figure out if Mariah Carey or Veep Joe Biden cares more about America’s man boobs? Do you know if Madonna or Hillary Clinton is more of a survivor? Watch these celebs scratch their heads over these tricky questions and then get stoked to pick the winner of this year’s biggest war of words: THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION TOMOROROW.

+Watch Hayley Reinhart, Michelle Williams + More Take The ‘Democrat or Diva’ Quiz.

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