[INTERVIEW] Victoria Justice Talks Prom and Dating!

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Who wants to get dressed for prom with Victoria Justice?! The Nick star just gave me the deets on her gown giveaway, and her fave type of date for the big night. *eep!*

The face of “Victorious” has teamed up with Always and Donate My Dress to hand over her shimmery Jill Stuart number from the 2010 VMAs (pictured below) to a lucky young woman bound to shine at prom. “Donate My Dress is a really great organization and one that is really needed to help girls who might miss out,” VJ told me.  “The costs [of prom] can really add up,” she said, so DMD allows young women to snag lightly-worn prom dresses from local clothing hubs in every state for free. Fly girls give ‘em away, fly girls pick ‘em up, it’s really that simple!

For every person who heads to Always’ Facebook Page and chooses her stye (FYI: VJ’s is a mix of “Glam and Edgy”), Always will donate $1 so that multiple Donate My Dress chapters can continue doing good and they’re committed to donating up to $25,000 to the cause. Since Ms. Justice is the ambassador of the new campaign, I thought I’d get tips on how a girl might dress up her Jill Stuart gown, and secrets about her dating life. Check out my Q&A with VJ below:

OMG, your dress at the VMAs was so cute! How do you think the girl who wins it should best accessorize it?

Thank you, I loved that Jill Stuart dress! It’s a really simple cut, but the texture and color make it really special…whenever  I moved, the color changed. I think whoever ends up wearing the dress should use minimal accessories, because the dress is such a statement piece.

So, Always wants women to choose their fave dress style (pretty, flirty, edgy, classic, and glam). Which would describe your style? And what’s your type of guy from the following choices: punk, trendy, preppy, skater, surfer, classic?

I do love getting dressed up, but sometimes it¹s glam and edgy mixed together. If I had to pick one, I would probably go with glam.

As for what type of guy I like, hmmmmm my schedule is so crazy, that when I do have some free time, I just want to take it easy and have a really normal nice night out. I guess I have to go with “classic.” A perfect date for me, would be sushi and a movie with someone who’s more low key and not a party animal.

What’s the #1 thing that all girls need to know to stay confident in HS?

I think the #1 thing that all girls need to stay confident in high school is to just be true to yourself. Try and find the one thing that you’re really passionate about and start trying to pursue it. The other thing I feel really helps boost confidence is exercise. It just makes you feel good.

So, your initials are VJ, and we’re MTV. Have a favorite VJ of all time…who and why?!

My favorite VJ has to be Carson Daly. When I was younger and first started watching MTV I loved watching TRL. I loved watching my favorite singers/bands perform.

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