Victoria Justice Helps Promote Environmental Awareness With ‘The Big Help’

Photo: Stars of Nickelodeon's "Victorius" Leon Thomas, Victoria Justice and Daniella Monet team up for a local restoration project in St. Bernard Parish. (Getty Images)

“Victorious” star Victoria Justice is gearing up for Earth Day this Friday with Nickelodeon’s “Big Help.”

For 24 hours (on April 22, of course), Nick is going green full-press, featuring a lineup of back-to-back eco-themed programming as part of The Big Help Earth Day TV event that’ll be hosted by Victoria Justice, Daniella Monet and Leon Thomas from the network’s hit show “Victorious.” The trio will be on location in Louisiana, the site of the restoration project “The Big Help Earth Day in the Gulf,” where they join up with area kids who are cleaning the wetlands in St. Bernard Parish.

For the younger set, Nick Jr. has a full 24-hour lineup of shows with green themes, and all this week at 5 p.m., Nicktoons is running a “Dib Saves the Earth” special series. Though I’m not hip to Dib, I’m sure glad he’s (she’s?) helping to save the Earth. More impressively, Nickelodeon’s Earth Day television marathon will also highlight real kids across the U.S. who are doing amazing things in their communities to help protect our planet–like the young people Victoria Justice & Co. worked with in Louisiana.

Look out for a special new episode of “Victorious” on April 22 at 8 p.m. featuring guest star Ke$ha. Innnnteresting. Organic glitter, anyone?

Here’s what Ms. Justice had to say about The Big Help:

Tune in Friday to get in on the fun.

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