Pitbull Among Performers On ‘VH1 Divas’ + His 5 Most Diva-Lovin’ Lyrics

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VH1 added more performers to its “VH1 Divas” lineup, which is an annual special celebrating music’s hottest female acts and benefiting the Save The Music Foundation. The show — highlighting dance music in celebration of Whitney Houston and Donna Summers — will be hosted by Adam Lambert and feature performances by divas like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Kelly Clarkson, Melanie Fiona and…Pitbull? Wait, whaaat?!

Although nothin’ about Pitbull screams “Diva!” to us, he does rap almost exclusively about lovin’ the ladies. Here are 5 of Pitbull’s best lyrics that celebrate women:

+ “I was raised by woman, a woman made me a man.”

In “Daddy’s Little Girl,” Pitbull gives props to his mother for raising him on her own. Did you know that approximately 84% of single parents are mothers?! That’s a lot of tough mamas out there!

+ “I respect her mind, that’s why I made her mine.”

In “My Kinda Girl” featuring Nelly, Pitbull raps about dating a smart girl…who also happens to wear stripper heels and fishnet stockings. He must’ve ran into an Ivy League grad on Halloween?

+ “This is for my single ladies and single mothers, raising babies working hard. I know the feeling, I used to live it, my mother worked 2 to 3 jobs.”

In “Drinks For You (Ladies Anthem)” featuring the diva who ages backwards — Jennifer Lopez — Pitbull sends love to his mama for working multiple jobs while raising him. We often think of divas as spoiled and dramatic, but a true diva is someone who makes it in the world even when the odds are stacked against her.

+ “You know I love an open mind so I can see what you’re thinkin’. That way I can give you exactly what you want, matter of fact, what you drinkin’?”

In “Have Some Fun” featuring Afrojack and The Wanted, Pitbull does the gentlemanly thing and buys  a girl a drink. Although a diva should always pay for her own champagne, it’s always nice when a fella offers.

+ “I ain’t greedy, sharing is caring. Especially when it’s for Sharon and Karen.”

Aw! What a nice guy! He even wants to share his…wait…ummm…never mind. To each his own, I guess, and if you prefer to share what you own you should prob check out “Party Ain’t Over” featuring Usher.

Catch Pitbull and his bevy of divas on “VH1 Divas,” airing live from Los Angeles, Sunday, December 19th, at 9/8c on VH1. Take action below to score tickets to the event and to learn more about the VH1 Save The Music Foundation, which keeps music in schools and divas-in-training.

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