[Video] ‘Underemployed’ Cast Talks Jobs + The Economy

Photo: (MTV)

You think your life after you graduate is going to be super fun (no tests, no papers, no classes!) but then there’s that little thing called “a job.” The cast of “Underemployed” play characters who find themselves settling for gigs that weren’t quite what they went to college for…Sound familiar to anyone?

We caught up with the cast at the 2012 Video Music Awards last month where they told us about their campaign songs as well as jobs and the economy. “These are hard times for everybody and we all feel really grateful to have the chance to have the job that we want,” Sarah Habel (“Daphne”) said. “But we recognize that there a lot of people that are out of work.” So if you’re flipping out because you’re having trouble finding a job or getting the one you want, you’re def not alone.

But things have certainly been getting better. If you’re feeling stressed, keep in mind Daphne’s Sarah’s words, below!

Watch the cast of “Underemployed” talk jobs & the economy!

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