Twerk For A Cause with One Direction, Miley Cyrus + Ashley Tisdale

Photo: (Getty Images)

Photo: (Getty Images)

Is “twerk” in the dictionary yet? With all these celebs doin’ it, it’s only a matter of time before it is! Check out our fave celebrity twerking videos, and if your booty is feeling especially ambitious, learn how to use it to make a difference in the world.

+ One Direction Learns To Twerk

During the Twitter Q&A portion of a recent Florida show, a fan challenged One Direction to twerk onstage. Apparently twerking hasn’t made it’s way across the pond yet, because the boys had to look it up on YouTube before they got to it. But man, did they get to it! Although they’re level-one twerkers, 1D have been known to get their groove on for a good cause — for example, their hilar dance moves in the video they recorded for Comic Relief‘s Red Nose Day. Comic Relief is all about finding fun ways to give back, so next time you wanna do something positive, consider a charity twerk-off!

+ Miley Cyrus Twerks In A Onesie

Miley Cyrus pretty much takes the cake for twerkin’ in a unicorn onesie to J’Dash and Flo Rida‘s “WOP.” Whether you own a mystical creature onesie or not, you can twerk for a cause by hosting a Dance Marathon in your community. The whole concept of dance marathon is for people to dance as long and hard as they can to raise money for a cause. So, basically what you do every Friday night, except your parents would be proud of you for it.

+ Ashley Tisdale Puts In The Twerk

Not to be outdone by a fellow Disney alum, Ashley Tisdale got her twerk on during a recent interview on Sway in the Morning. All these lady twerkers should so join One Billion Rising! One in three — or approximately one billion — women will be sexually assaulted or beaten in her lifetime, and the goal of One Billion Rising is to show global solidarity in making violence against women a thing of the past.

Twerking isn’t just for drunk people at bars! Follow the Action Links below to learn more about how to Twerk for a cause.

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Get Some Comic Relief

Get Some Comic Relief

Learn more about Comic Relief, and how they help people around the world ... the fun way!