Why Trey Songz Would Rather His Fans Give Back Than Give Bras

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Bimonthly, we’ll take an artist on the rise on the MTV Music Meter and, to help you discover them a little more, detail some of their philanthropic tendencies — from Mika to Ellie Goulding. Today: Trey Songz!

This week, Trey Songz’ new album “Chapter V” became his first number one debut! But while he sits atop the Billboard and MTV Music Meter charts for his talents, we want to celebrate something a liiiittle different: 1. How grown and sexy he looks sans his trademark cornrows, and 2. His heart.

Trey started the Angels With A Heart Foundation in 2010 to motivate the fans that brought him gifts at shows to give back to their communities instead. Soooo, he opened a used bra donation center?? Wrong! (Although we’re sure he’s had enough bras thrown at him to “support” a small country.)

Trey explains, “I have ‘Trey’s Angels,’ who are my fan club, and when I was on tour my fans were giving me a lot of gifts,” He continues, “I had the idea to have them to channel that [giving] toward people that need it. So I did a video clip on my iPhone, and I asked my Angels to donate to people in their area and commit random acts of kindness in their community. The feedback that I got was amazing. They would send videos back with them at homeless shelters, feeding the elderly, tutoring kids. It made me realize what power I had that could be used for good.”

Last year, Trey held a benefit concert for his foundation and donated all of the proceeds from his “Inevitable” EP to charity.

Beyond his own charity, Trey has most recently been rallying fans to get involved in their country, too! He recently sat down with Our Time to talk about the importance of showing up at the polls:

+ WATCH: Trey Songz on why you should vote.

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