Top 5 Celebs to Watch in the 2012 Election

Photo: (Getty Images)

The Oval Office is on the line this year, and that means the candidates are gonna start calling on their Hollywood entourage to help them win the White House. Remember Oprah and Obama? Mike Huckabee and Chuck Norris? Pols love their celebs, and sometimes, celebs love them back.

So we’ve put together a list of active artists and actors that have the “starpower of 12″ to make the biggest impact on this upcoming Presidential race — check out our review of their activist resumes and then our predictions for their political splash factor in 2012.

++LADY GAGA: A Government Hooker with a Heart of Gold

Issues of Importance: Marriage equality, LGBT rights, anti-bullying

Rockin’ Rallies: The “Born This Way” singer was an aggressive campaigner for the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and showed up at several rallies to show her support.

Doin’ DC: Mother Monster went to Washington to talk with the White House about anti-bullying and it prompted the Governor of Maryland to tweet her a dinner invitation so they could discuss combating bullying in his state.

Party for the Party: She brought some pop flair to an Obama political fundraiser in Silicon Valley this year.

Sounding Off: Lady Gaga made a passionate plea against DADT in an online video to Congress — and the far-out fashionista also donned a raw meat dress to the MTV Video Music Awards to send this political message: “Equality is the prime rib of America.”

Campaign Anthem Candidates: “Edge of Glory,” “Born This Way,” and “Government Hooker”

Poliwood Potential: MTV asked the Gaga if she would ever run for President — can you imagine that Inaugural Ball?! — and while it doesn’t look like there’s gonna be a pantless Prez anytime soon, she did have some good platform ideas.

2012 Prediction: Obama should totally harness the power of her Little Monsters — that fan army is no joke. And clearly the woman named MTV’s “Top Newsmaker of 2011” can generate some serious headlines for a hopeful. Most importantly, we think the First Lady of Pop’s singles deserves some airtime on his rally speakers — but we have a feeling Republicans should probably avoid her discography. We expect to hear A LOT from Gaga during this election — and it’s going to be wonderful and weird.

++MATT DAMON & BEN AFFLECK: Bromance for a Better America

Issues of Importance: Marriage equality, voter registration, wealth disparity, education policy, Eastern Congo

Rockin’ Rallies: Damon shaved his head and gave a rousing speech to show solidarity with teachers at the Save Our Schools rally.

Doin’ DC: Affleck testified before the Senate to ask for awareness and aid for the war-ravaged Eastern Congo as the founder of his own initiative supporting the region.

Party for the Party: Back in ’08, the BFFs brought their super preggers wives to an Obama fundraiser.

Stump It Up: Ben actively campaigned for Gore in 2000 and Kerry in 2004 — and both were Barack-ing out back in ’08, but now Damon has some beef with Barack’s first-term performance…

Sounding Off: The We Bought A Zoo star came out swingin’ at Obama in a recent Elle magazine article — and he put a Bourne-worthy smackdown (with words, people) on a clueless cameraman and reporter in defense of teachers (his mom is one, so it got personal). Ben has appeared on tons of talk shows to discuss his political views, even appearing with Tucker Carlson and Larry King as a featured commentator on the first day of the ’04 Democratic National Convention.

Poliwood Potential: Ben has openly said he’d like to run for Congress — and some even wondered if he’d go after Kerry’s open Massachusetts seat (both Matt and Ben are Beantown boys) if the Dem won the Presidency (he didn’t). And Michael Moore, the controversial documentary filmmaker, recently endorsed Matt Damon for President — and we have to agree that the feisty actor/activist would certainly rattle some cages up in DC. He wasn’t elected Spike’s Best Ass-Kicker for nothin’, y’all.

2012 Prediction: Hmmmm. Damon did diss him, but we think the Good Will Hunting guys will be back by Obama’s side once the campaign really kicks off. We can’t imagine either of them staying away from this important race given their track records, so we won’t be surprised when Matt and Ben pop up at an election event or two…or dozen. The big questions is: what will Matt shave off at his next political rally?

++JAY-Z: He’s Watching America’s Throne

Issues of Importance: OWS, inner-city education, voter registration

Rockin’ Rallies: The MC mogul hosted several concerts to help Obama clinch the Presidency “Jordan-style” back in ’08.

Party for the Party: He treated Obama campaign staffers to a private performance in D.C. during Inauguration Week.

Stump It Up: A bundled-up Jay and Bey cuddled at Obama’s Inauguration.

Sounding Off: Brooklyn’s finest beatmaster appeared in a Headcount PSA that shows him imploring the sweaty masses at Bonnaroo to “fight for what’s right” and vote in 2010 midterm elections. Lately, Jay’s been showing up in Justin Bieber’s Twitter feed rockin’ his “OCCUPY WALL STREETS” t-shirt line, which is inspired by the OWS movement but controversially not donating proceeds to the protest.

Campaign Anthem Candidates: “Politics As Usual,” “Made In America” — and Hova straight name-checks Obama in “You’re All Welcome” with Mary J. Blige.

Poliwood Potential:  Obama practically asked him to take the throne in this Rolling Stone interview, “Every time I talk to Jay-Z, who is a brilliant talent and a good guy, I enjoy how he thinks. He’s serious and he cares about his art. That’s somebody who is going to start branching out and can help shape attitudes in a real positive way.” But Jay isn’t down to run for office — despite an additional endorsement from MTV – but we think he should go for it just so we can experience Bey as First Lady Sasha Fierce.

2012 Prediction: We know his tracks are playin’ on the iPOTUS and he was a huge part of turning the country blue in ’08, so we really think Jay-Z will be teaming back up with Obama in ’12. Plan on plenty of political swagger from the BK King — and c’mon, Barack, you gotta Watch The Throne, so you might as well sample something from the mega-album to pump up your people!

++OLIVIA WILDE — From the OC to DC.

Issues of Importance: OWS, Haiti, civil liberties, healthcare, youth voters, farmworkers’ rights

Stump It Up: Tron‘s leading lady was an active campaigner for Obama in ’08.

Party for the Protest: Wilde attended an intimate star-studded hotel salon hosted by Penn Badgely and Zoe Kravitz that encouraged young Hollywood to get involved with #OWS.

Sounding Off: With the help of funnyordie, Olivia let the world know that she does it early (registering to vote, you pervs!) and really cares about protecting our poor insurance companies. She then filmed a series of PSAs promoting voter registration yet again for 18 in ’08. The intelligent actress also gave Act the scoop on her #OWS thoughts and fav protest song.

Poliwood Potential: This gorgeous gal is way more than a pretty face, and she has the pedigree to prove it – her parents (big DC scensters) and two uncles are accomplished journalists, her grandfather and aunt were writers/novelists AND her sister is a civil rights attorney. Somebody better bring their A-game to those family dinner debates! Growing up hobnobbing with bigwig politicos plus staying involved as a board member of Artists for Peace and Justice and ACLU of SoCal make her a real Wilde-card for the LA-to-DC crossover.

2012 Prediction: Olivia is too smart, too gorgeous and too opinionated not to speak her mind about the upcoming race — and we really hope she films another hilar funnyordie spoof to get her fans excited for the election.

++MILEY CYRUS: Hannah Montana Can Vote for President!

Issues of Importance: Haiti, LGBT rights, youth service

Sounding Off: Miley is permanently wed to her politics  — for serious, she’s got a marriage equality tattoo on her ring finger. She’s also filmed a PSA for the “Help Haiti Home” campaign and partnered with Youth Service America to encourage kids to volunteer in their communities.

Poliwood Potential: She‘s only been legally voting for a year — so let’s give Miss Miley some time to settle into her new political big girl pants before we start asking her to take the podium, mmkkkaaay?

Campaign Song Candidates: “The Climb” and “Party in the U.S.A.”

2012 Prediction: She’s a DC rookie, but she’s showing real talent in terms of her commitment (body art for a cause!) to the things she cares about. And we know she looks up to her daddy, so perhaps she’ll follow in his footsteps and lend her voice to a campaign just like Billy Ray did for Bush back in 2000. Whatever way the former Disney darling decides to get involved in the election, we expect it’s gonna be PRETTY KEWL!