Hot British Diver Tom Daley Wants You To Help Another Hot Guy: Maxim Bouchard

Photo: (Getty, Plongeon Québec)

The temperature is rising because Olympian Tom Daley has entered the building… OK, in our dreams but the speedo rockin’ swimmer is using social media for a good! The UK stud Tweeted out his support for a fellow diver by the name of Maxim Bouchard. Why is this important? Well, Maxim has quite an incredible story that will leave you inspired.

In 2010, Max was asked to go to the Philippines to partake in a few diving shows, but what happened next would forever change his life. The day before the show he was practicing on a 20 feet platform and it collapsed. The diver fell into a 10 feet cement hole next to the pool.

“I was rushed to the hospital to find out that I broke my humerus and wrist. I also split open my head,” explained Max. He also broke his back and legs. He currently has a metal plate attached to his humerus with 11 screws and a screw in his wrist. But even with his many injuries his passion for diving was still prevalent. He realized he was born this way…to be a diver! Max headed home to Québec, Canada, called his former coach André Pouliot-Deschamps and asked her if he can return to his team once he healed. She welcomed him with open arms so he put his fears aside and pursued his passion.

Photo: Max taking care of his injuries. (Instagram)

In the past two years since his accident, Max has participated in competitions around the world including the Olympic trials for the London 2012 Summer Olympics (He didn’t make the team but placed fourth.) and is on Canada’s national team this year.

His next goal may be a big one, but he is ready to tackle it — Rio 2016 Summer Olympics!!! With the Olympics comes many costs and Maxim is in need of some help! He needs to raise money for training like his fellow Olympic hopefuls but he also needs to fund his treatment costs. Max launched a fundraising campaign on Pursuit, where he is trying to raise $12,000.For donations, you’ll get perks like an autograph from Max or a signed diving bag.

“Not every one gets a second chance, and I will not lose mine,” wrote Max about competing in Rio. Tom Daley agrees with him. And so do we. Do you?

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