3 Things You Prolly Don’t Know About The Strokes

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The Strokes announced their new album, Comedown Machine, yesterday! It will be available March 26, almost exactly 2 years since the release of their last one. We already know The Strokes are über-hipsters and brilliant musicians, but what don’t we know about ‘em? Let’s see…

+ They Play Ball For Good

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Whoever says hipsters can’t jump is wrong, because The Strokes’ Nikolai Fraiture recently played in the second annual POP vs. Jock basketball game in Montreal. Makes sense since he’s half-French and speaks the language fluently! The game pits athletes against musicians, and all of the proceeds go to DJ Sports Club — a Canadian non-profit that creates youth programs in sports and eh-ducation. Get it? Canada. Ha.

+ They Weren’t An Overnight Success


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A common misconception is that the band was an overnight success, propelled by lead singer Julian Casablancas’ rich daddy, business mogul John Casablancas. The truth is it took them years and many rejections to gain any attention. “We were playing to nobody every two weeks in New York City,” said eternally cute guitarist Nick Valensi. At first, people had a hard time understanding the band’s unconventional music and unkempt looks…which sooo wouldn’t have been a problem if they hit the scene 10 years later, when looking like you don’t shower (but smelling like you do) became cool. Helloooo, Brooklyn!

+ The Lead Singer Doesn’t Drink

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Unlike the stereotypical rocker, lead singer Julian Casablancas quit drinking during the making of their third album, First Impressions Of Earth. He felt it inhibited his songwriting. “I was hung over for two years,” Casablancas says of his darker days. “It was bad.” If you or someone you know is struggling with drinking too much, check out MTV’s Half Of Us for help and resources.

Are you as psyched for The Strokes’ new album as I am? Until they grace us with the whole thing, here’s a sneak peek at one of the tracks — “One Way Trigger.” Does it remind you of  A-Ha’s “Take Me On” too? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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If you or a friend is worried about drinking or drug use please check out Half Of Us for resources and tips on getting help.

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