This Week’s Slavery Footprint Campus Challenge Action Tip: Check In and Send Letters!

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If you’ve been paying attention to celebrity gossip this week, you’ve probably heard that manufacturers have been accused of using what amounts to slave labor in products sold by the Kardashian family’s labels. Though everyone, including the Kardashians, have been justifiably horrified by the allegations, it’s important to take a step back and realize that slavery is already present in many of the products that we buy. Just because it’s common doesn’t mean that we can’t take a stand on it and make sure that the products we buy are slave-free.

There’s just a little over a week left in the Slavery Footprint Campus Challenge, and this week’s task is simple, but no less important than previous tips. This week, try…

Sending letters to companies: 1 Free World point.

While you’re doing your last-minute holiday shopping, check in to stores using the Free World app, and send the companies a letter letting them know that you’re concerned about modern-day slavery. Here’s how to do it:

+ Download the app.

The app’s available for both iPhone and Android. Don’t have a smartphone? You can also send letters from the Slavery Footprint website.

+ Get shopping.

Forget to get your mom a present (oops)? Going to buy yourself the present that you really want? While you’re at the mall, check in to the store you’re in, and then select the brand you’re interested in knowing more about.

+ Send a letter.

Next, send the company a pre-populated letter telling them that you love their brand, but want them to make sure that their products are slave-free. Quick and easy, and a great way to let brands know that you’re passionate about this issue and want them to be too!

+ Keep shopping.

Forget to get your sister a present (double oops)? Decide to do some more holiday shopping for yourself? Keep using the Free World app every time you go shopping; you’ll be able to earn points and make some noise about modern-day slavery on a daily basis.

Have you taken action to end modern-day slavery as part of the Slavery Footprint Campus Challenge? We would love to hear about it, and possibly feature you online! Email mtvU’s Against Our Will Campaign and tell us your story.

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