This Just Might Be The Greenest Tour Bus. Ever.

Photo: (Go Radio)

Puny profits and high gas prices threaten to curb many budding bands’ dreams of going on tour. So that’s why Go Radio, a Florida rock group on tour with fellow Sunshine Staters Yellowcard, decided to go green — and save green – with a sustainable ride that’s pimped out for the planet.

The Rock-It Ship, as it’s been dubbed, is a Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis with a BlueTech engine. Translation for those of us not addicted to Top Gear: it’s the most fuel-efficient vehicle of its size ever made combined with the cleanest diesel engine in the world.

To get an idea of what this on-the-go green machine can do, check out this stat: Go Radio made it from Orlando, FL to Los Angeles, CA (2,509 miles) with a trailer full of gear and merch for just $500 in fuel. A full-size tour bus would have cost $2,500 to gas up for the exact same trip!

And it’s not like they had to cut corners on comfort — the eco-friendly van sleeps 7 and comes equipped with Satellite TV, Internet, a small kitchen and a front lounge. Sounds pretty dope to us!

Go Radio’s manager, Derek Hart, also runs a bus company, so it was his idea to build The Rock-It Ship and save his artists a ton of dough in the process. Hart has plans to create a tricked-out tour ride that runs on a battery and solar panels — that way musical acts won’t have to rely on massive generators that eat up energy and pump out pollution every time they park at a venue.

We love that Go Radio and their team has improved their profits and the planet at the same time — we hope more artists hop on this green bandwagon!