The Taco Or Beer Challenge Is The Logical Next (Best?) Challenge

Dining Out: Tornado Restaurant And Lounge In Malden, Mass.

Whether you’ve taken the Ice Bucket Challenge or not, at some point today you’re going to need to eat. May we suggest a challenge that is truly delicious and offers more…choices?

The Taco or Beer Challenge is ramping up as I type this. Basically, it is exactly like the Ice Bucket Challenge, except you choose to either eat a taco or drink a beer (if you’re of age) and then you donate money to an organization that supports reproductive rights. Simple? Yes. Delicious? Definitely.

Here are some of our favorites so far:

+ Advice columnist Dan Savage took the challenge and had TACOS + BEER

+ YUM!


+ YES!




BLESS YOU @andreagrimes, I GET TO USE MY FAVORITE GIF FOR #TACOORBEERCHALLENGE! My face chowin’ on tacos tomorrow:

— Leah B. (@CircleCityStyle) August 21, 2014


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Eat A Taco, Donate To PPFA

Eat A Taco, Donate To PPFA

Do you believe in Planned Parenthood's mission? Eat a taco and send them some cash!