The Selfie Police Want To Bust James Franco (And For Good Reason)

Photo: (Instagram)

Photo: (Instagram)

Everybody loves a good selfie, but no one has quite mastered the art like the “selfie king,” James Franco. Franco certainly has his fans, so why is a new, world-changing group calling him public enemy No. 1?

The Selfie Police is a movement dedicated to making people pay for their selfies, but here’s the best part: All the money goes the charity. Dustin Locke and Chas Barton, the two pioneering guys behind the movement, have already raised more than $1,500 for their cause. They partnered with the Tyler Robinson Foundation to make this movement happen and all the money raised goes to Vittana, an org dedicated to fighting world poverty by giving student loans to kids in third world countries.


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Locke and Barton are determined to bust Franco on his selfie “crimes.” To find out more about the #BUSTFRANCO initiative, how you can be a selfie policeman, and more, check out our interview below.

ACT: For our readers who don’t know, what is the Selfie Police?

SP: Selfie Police is a movement to pay $1 for every selfie posted online. It’s just a way to be charitable with something that is generally considered pretty vain.


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ACT: How did you get involved with the Tyler Robinson Foundation? 

SP: Tyler was a friend of ours. When we had the idea for Selfie Police, we didn’t want to go through the incredibly long process of establishing our own non-profit organization. Instead we just decided to attach our idea to an existing organization. Our relationship with Jesse (Tyler Robinson’s older brother) made it the perfect fit. They were thrilled to help us out.

ACT: The Selfie Police is all about turning vanity into charity. Why did you decide to champion education? 

SP: Since selfies are such a Millennial thing, it just made sense to reach out to Millennials. Education is such an incredible way to help people, since it gives them a way to provide for themselves. It’s the whole “teach a man to fish” thing. If we can afford what we call on our site a “$600 self-indulgence device,” we should help other people be able to afford basic living needs.


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ACT: What can you tell us about the work Vittana is doing? 

SP: They’re rad. Watch the TED talk. Rather than just give people resources, they give them opportunities to provide for themselves long-term, and those who receive help pay back the loan within 6 months. Not only does that provide money for somebody else to get an education, it gives each person the satisfaction of giving back and helping somebody else. It’s perpetual.

The coolest thing about the funds raised by the Selfie Police is that they will never be “spent.” They will come back and we will invest in more education. In 100 years, that same money will still be helping kids like us get the kind of opportunities that we were born with.

ACT: Finally, what makes a good selfie policeman? Is there anything we should know when policing our friends? 

SP: Don’t be mean. This isn’t about being mean. This is about inviting people to think of others when they think of themselves. The rest is easy:

1. Take your own selfie and donate (nobody likes a hypocrite).

2. Go find a selfie.

3. Send them our way. Give them the URL or just tag us (@selfie___police on both Twitter and Instagram). Tell them it’s for a good cause and ask them if they’ll help out.


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Make sure you hashtag your tweets #BUSTFRANCO when calling out the actor so the Selfie Police know they’ve got your support. Want to join the force? You can accuse your friends and favorite celebs of taking too many selfies here.

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