The Pixie Is The Queen Of Haircuts: 7 Examples

Photos: (Getty, Facebook)

Photos: (Getty, Facebook)

Jennifer Lawrence’s new pixie cut is going cray viral right before the release of “Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” but she’s far from the first woman to show how stylish and kick-ass a crop can look. Here are seven bold and gorgeous women who are not wasting any time with a blow dryer.

+ Audrey Hepburn


Audrey made the pixie cut the in thing when she had her hair cut short for the 1953 romantic comedy “Roman Holiday.” While the eternally glamorous Hepburn is best known for her acting, she also got into philanthropy in different ways, such as through her Audrey Hepburn’s Children’s Fund.

+ Mia Farrow


Mama Mia! If Audrey brought pixie cuts to the ’50s, then Mia did the same thing in the ’60s. The actress and model is also a super philanthropist who’s been an ambassador for UNICEF and does serious activism in Africa. Following her on Twitter  is a great way to keep up to date on important humanitarian issues.

+ Charlize Theron


Can you say “sisterhood?” Just like Jennifer Lawrence, Charlize took part in One Billion Rising. She has also spoken up for people’s rights by taking part in the pro-choice March for Women’s Lives event and has gotten involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

+ Halle Berry


Chime for Change is a campaign all about empowering women, so why wouldn’t a strong woman like Halle Berry want to be part of it? “What inspires me, and I think ultimately really inspires other women and other people, is knowing that change is possible,” she said about her involvement to make women’s lives better.

+ Emma Watson


Emma won the Trailblazer Award at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, and we love the trails she’s blazing! She inspires people with things like her commitment to environmental issues and her dedication to education. And the pixie cut’s pretty cute on her, too!


+ Jennifer Hudson


Jennifer Hudson can sing, baby, and she can also take a stand on issues that matter to her. After the results of the George Zimmerman trial, J.Hud used her Instagram account to share a picture of weapons being transformed into the word “Love.” She wants to put violence behind us and make life all about compassion.

+ Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence knows how to be tough both on camera and off. She was part of the women’s rights work for One Billion Rising, helps out GLAAD, is outspoken on what it’s like to be bullied and doesn’t take crap from people who say girls have to be a certain size to be attractive.

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