The Next Jewelry Trend is a Secret Weapon

Photo: (Jewelry For A Cause)

Would you wear a bomb around your wrist? What about a bullet around your neck? Pay close attention, because according to the companies below, the next major jewelry trend is kind of a secret weapon — literally.

If you’ve never thought about wearing a bomb around your wrist or bullet around your neck, you’re probably not alone. After seeing Olivia Wilde tweet about one of her Christmas gifts, a peaceBOMB bracelet, I started wondering — how common is this new “weapons as jewelry” trend?

Below are three companies repurposing weapons into accessories you’d be proud to wear. Bonus? Every program has a give back component!

+ Jewelry For A Cause

Photo: (Jewelry For A Cause)

+ The Gist:  “A Shot of Style. Jewelry’s Secret Weapon.” Buy a bangle and keep guns off the streets.

+ The Story: After hearing him speak at a conference, Jessica Mindich met with Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, New Jersey, and offered to buy the guns from the city’s buy-back program. From each piece of jewelry she sells, Mindich uses a portion of the proceeds to help fund the gun buyback program to keep guns off the street. She used the 250 guns and bullet casings donated to create the Caliber Collection.

+ The Feel-Good Component: A portion of the proceeds from each sale is used to fund future Gun Buyback Amnesty programs in Newark, New Jersey.

+ The Cost: Prices range from $30 to $375.

+ peaceBOMB

Photo: (peaceBOMB)

+ The Gist: Buy backs the bombs. Dropped and made in Laos.

The Story: peaceBOMB is concerned with supporting the community in Laos and helping to clear the bomb-littered land.

The Feel-Good Component: For each peaceBOMB product sold, Project peaceBOMB donates funds equivalent to the cost of clearing 1 to 15 square meters of land.

The Cost: One peaceBOMB bangle starts at just $18 and equals three meters of bomb littered land.

+ Shield & Honor

Photo: (Shield & Honor)

+ The Gist: Shield & Honor. Giving back to the Armed Forces through spent bullet casings.

+ The Story: Samantha Kennedy’s grandfather, a World War II veteran, inspired the creation of the company. Samantha picked up a bullet casing after the 21 Gun Salute at her grandfather’s funeral and put it on a chain. Each S&H necklace, containing a spent bullet casing, is modeled after that first necklace.

+ The Feel-Good Component: Shield & Honor will donate a portion of the proceeds from each bullet necklace to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, an org that gives supports families of military personnel lost in service and severely wounded veterans.

+ The Cost: The bullet necklaces range from $40 to $60 each.

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Watch Buying Back the Bombs

Watch Buying Back the Bombs

Learn more about peaceBombs mission. Watch the film behind the jewelry company and movement!

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Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

Learn more about Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, an org that supports families of military personnel lost in service and wounded vets.