The Fundamentals Of Feminism In 6 Great Celebrity Quotes

Women’s History Month is wrapping up, so to cap off this important 31-day observance, we’ve grabbed some of our fave feminist quotes from today’s top celebs.

+ Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham, who has said being a feminist is an essential part of her identity, doesn’t understand why some people wouldn’t want to call themselves feminists. She’s made it part of her job to explain the real meaning of feminism: equality.

+ Ellen Page

Speaking with The Guardian, Ellen Page said that the fact the word “feminism” can have a negative connotation is all the more reason why we need feminism. If women weren’t being treated like second-class citizens, how could a pro-woman word for equality be seen as something negative?

+ Julianne Moore

Asked if she were a feminist, Julianne Moore had a “damn straight” sort of reaction.

+ Prince Harry

Feminism is def not just for women. Prince Harry made that more than clear by speaking up for women’s rights.

+ Beyoncé

Beyoncé has dubbed herself a “modern-day feminist” and has written about gender equality for “The Shriver Report.” And she’s gonna make sure girls run the world, we just know it.

+ John Legend

John Legend said he thinks all men should be feminists. Like with any other issue, when we’re all equal, we’re all in better shape.

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