The Feast is Tonight: What Challenge Will You Tackle Over Dinner?

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Doing a good deed has never been yummier — tonight is The Feast! As the Feast Conference goes down in NYC, you’re all invited to have your own little feasts tonight at 7p.m. your time. Here’s where the good deeds come in!

While you eat, think of a way you can help make the world a better place. Or, hey, if that sounds too big, think of a way to make your community a better place, or your school.

The Feast has some specific suggestions of stuff you can decide to do. There’s the eco challenge, which asks you to find ways to reduce your energy needs (there are little things you can safely cut down on, riiight?). The health challenge asks you to help people see healthcare as a basic human right. So, in other words, not just something rich people should be able to get. And there’s the poverty-challenge, which on the site kinda concentrates on poverty in New York City, but you could also fight poverty wherever it is.

Wanna make up your own challenge? Go for it! That’s also one of the options, of course. Even Arcade Fire has gotten involved with this effort — their personal choice for a challenge is health — so you’re in good company. Just think of The Feast’s mantra: “Stop waiting for the world to change, change it and the world will follow.” Bon appetite!

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Pick a Challenge

Pick a Challenge

Pick one of the challenges for The Feast or create your own!